Zelosport Finger Baseball Super Advanced Rules

baseball_55Back in 2010 I did a review of Zelosport’s Finger Baseball game.

It’s an outstanding game. However, the basic rules are missing some of the more advanced elements of baseball. My close friend Lee Presser and I decided to fill in those missing elements. So here are 5 additional rules that take the game to a new level.

  1. Bunting: The batter announces a bunt attempt before the pitch. Place the slide on home plate and aim for the out boxes just above the batters choice. If the slider touches part of the out boxes then the bunt is successful. The runners advance and the batter is out. If the slider falls short of that area then the catcher throws the lead runner out and the batter is safe. If the slider goes past the out boxes then a double play occurs. The lead runner is out along with the batter. If you have a runner on third(squeeze play) the rules are the same except for a sucessful bunt the fielder can attempt to get the runner at the plate. To do that, flick the slider from where it stops toward the plate. If the slider touches part of the plate the runner is out and batter is safe.
  2. Called 3rd strikes: If the pitch ends completely withing the white portion of the plate then the result is an automatic strike out.
  3. Sacrifice Fly: With a runner on third if the slider lands completely within strike boxes at the back of the outfield then the result is a sacrifice fly instead of a strike.
  4. Relief Pitchers: Once during a game a player may bring in a relief pitcher. The first inning of relief you pitch from the front mound and the second inning you pitch from the middle mound.
  5. Leads and Pick-off plays: A baserunner may be moved off the base up to the width of the baserunner marker. If the baserunner is off the base then the pitcher can elect to try a pick-off. To pick-off a runner flick the slider towards the base they are on. If the slider touches any part of the base then the runner is out. However, if the slider does not touch the base or any brown area around the base then the throw is wild and the runners advance 1 base.

All other rules stay the same.

For more information about Finger Baseball visit their website: